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Attack Capabilities:
Damage Output:
Cemetary, Forest
High base damage


A yellow furry mammal with angry eyes, a large nose, long ears, and large leathery wings. Hovers over the ground constantly.


Life for wild animals is tough in this world ; having to compete with monsters for territory and food as well as the omnipresence of the undead has caused the fauna to suffer extensively. Many species of animals have evolved in unique ways to survive in such conditions and the golden bat is one of the most successful variants. This type of bat breeds extremely quickly and grow to a prodigious size, its sheer size intimidating monsters into leaving it alone and its greater wingspan giving it the necessary agility to get out of the way of the deadlier breeds of monsters and undead. To support its new size, the golden bat supplement its diet with meat, making it an omnivorous predator instead of the more docile insectivore that the smaller, more traditional bat variants are. Like most bats, it is a nocturnal creature that can survive in even the darkest of areas, using its sonar-like echolation to locate threats as well as potential prey.

Although the golden bat is not especially threatening, it is still a common pest found all over the world and if an adventurer is bothered by one or more, they won't make anyone sad by getting rid of them in a forceful manner.

Tactical analysis[]

The golden bat is found all over the world and is a common sight to adventurers. Being wild animals, golden bats are relatively docile and will only make timid attacks, hovering in a mostly random way all over their territory. Still, although a golden bat's fangs are not really suited to piercing armor and will not do much damage to an adventurer, the damage they inflict may prove to be one's downfall when conserving vitality is important. Likewise, they may act as bothersome distractions while actual monsters or undead are mounting an assault.

Generally, the golden bat is not worth wasting time upon unless they truly decide to wander into one's way ; adventurers should only focus on attacking them when they decide to actually fly toward them. Due to their non-aggressive behaviour, any kind of weapon will deal with them handily but as they are living beings and thus, more agile than lowly zombies and more resistant to pain, a stronger weapon like axes may a good idea ; a weaker weapon will not stun them like it would a zombie but being merely enlarged animals, they are quite frail and will die quickly to major trauma.