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List of Available Characters[edit | edit source]

Character Name Icon HP (Living) HP (Dead) Starter Items Unlock method Found in
Raga Raga.png 50 50 Weapon: Steel Sword
Items: none
Totem: Light Totem
Default character Wizard's Tower
Wizard Wizard.png 30 30 Weapon: Fire Staff
Items: none
Totem: none
Beat the game The Crypt
Xam Xam.png 40 30 Weapon: Battle Axe
Items: Spiked Helm, Spiked Plate, Spiked Gauntlets, Spiked Ring
Totem: none
Rescue within The Arena (Challenge Mode) The Arena (Challenge Mode)
Luna Luna.png 70 30 Weapon: Hunting Spear
Items: none
Totem: none
Rescue (requires Feather of Flying)

does not require after patch 2.5.0

The Crypt
The Engineer The Engineer.png 50 30 Weapon: Gold Cartridge
Items: Abacus, Dungeon Map, Dungeon Compass, Monster Manual, Lantern
Totem: none
Defeat Gelatinice Cube mini-boss (requires Ice Key) The Crypt
Moto Moto.png 60 30 Weapon: Essence of the Wolf
Items: none
Totem: none
Rescue (requires Trickster Key) The Crypt