Dire Bat

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Dire Bat
Dire Bat.png
Dire Bat
Attack Capabilities:
Collision, Fireballs
Damage Output:
Cemetary, Forest, Sewer
Long range, fireproof equipment

Appearance[edit | edit source]

A black furry mammal with angry eyes, a large nose, long ears, and large leathery wings. Hovers over the ground constantly.

Background[edit | edit source]

The true origins of this monster species are unknown. Some theorize that the dire bat is an extreme mutation of the furry animal known as the bat, the high pressure of having to compete with monsters eventually causing it to itself become a monster. Others instead theorize that the dire bat may be result of long-term exposure to demonic magic radiation in just low enough doses to trigger transformation but without causing radiation poisoning, a concept which although incredibly rare and unlikely was confirmed to be possible through observation and experimentation. Regardless of its origins, the dire bat remain the prime cause of monster-related injuries and deaths through the world even to this day.

Though the dire bat is not especially fearsome by any means, being at first sight little more than an oversized bat with a bad attitude, it does sport the physical agility of a bat, the supernatural toughness expected of a monster, and the ability to suck in magical energy in its mouth and release it as orbs of super-heated fiery energy. Though its fiery breath is nowhere near as powerful as a demon's magical fire or the furnace effect-born liquid plasma plumes breathed out by dragons, it is still hot enough to scald skin and damage armor.

The dire bat is definitely small time as far as monsters goes but its well-rounded abilities, its ability to survive and thrive even in totally dark areas, and its high breeding rate has made it one of the most successful monster breeds in the world and thus, one of the most common pests everywhere. Adventurers claim, and are likely right, that they cannot step out of a town without having to cleave their way through at least a dozen of those winged freaks.

Tactical analysis[edit | edit source]

Aggressive and vicious, like all monsters, the dire bat will sense the presence of prey entering its territory without even having to use echolation and will make a beeline for it, trying to hover into range so that it may then snipe at it. The dire bat's fireball is quickly generated, has a long range, and will be fired with almost unfailingly frustrating accuracy toward whatever it wishes to be barbecued. As such, civilians and novice adventurers who freeze in surprise at the sight of them will tend to take a fireball to the face. Thankfully for them, although a dire bat's fireball is quickly created, its level of heat, penetration, and ignition factor is magnitudes lower than that of a dragon's breath by virtue of being a mere ball of ignited magical gas ; it will not cling to flesh or armor like a dragon's napalm-like breath and will quickly burn itself out. Thus, it will take repeated hits for dire bat fireballs to inflict third-degree burns on any healthy target.

Dire bats likewise make poor melee fighters ; their fangs are nothing special and the muscles in their jaws are only equivalent to that of a golden bat. Still, being monsters, they will occasionaly be overwhelmed by blind hate and blood lust when in the presence of sapients and will charge them anyway though usually, they will tend to hang back and take advantage of their range to snipe at targets, only closing in once the foe has been rendered dead and ready for consumption.

Being accurate ranged attackers as well as actual monsters, adventurers should prioritize the death of dire bats if there are no other monster breeds present. Their attacks, though not physically damaging, are a real threat and should not be ignored. Still, if the adventurer in question is currently engaging green goblins or werewolves, it might be better to take care of them first before engaging the dire bats.

Generally, adventurers should never stand still when facing dire bats ; they should remember that they are monsters, not actually animals and as such, despite their puny frames, have supernatural durability. Though they will not survive an extensive beating from a skilled warrior, their monster nature allow them to shrug off beatings that would reduce the healthiest of mundane bats to a fine paste. Thus, an adventurer should never stand still and try to trade hits with them ; unless wielding an extremely powerful weapon, the dire bats will always live long enough to retaliate.

In short, dire bats are basically the definition of a low-medium tier monster. Too tough and dangerous to be ignored or brushed aside, too weak to really last in a real battle with a serious opponent.

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