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Basic Floors[edit | edit source]

The Cemetery[edit | edit source]

The Cemetery act as an airlock in-between Amberfall, at the edge of the lands of the living, and Death's domain. It is the first area in any run that doesn't use the shortcuts and is the first step of Raga's journey. True to its theme, it is filled with tombstones and shallow graves. The Monsters you'll find follow a crypt-like theme and are largely basic. The Boss of The Cemetery is the Zombie Warlord.

The Sewer[edit | edit source]

The Sewer is a complicated maze underneath Death's capital. The capital's streets being impassable, the Sewer is thus the second step of the journey. Poisoned by demonic influence and having not seen a hint of maintenance in ages, its rooms are filled with toxic water, slime, defective sewer pipes, abandonned barrels filled with hazardous materials, and all other kinds of squishy and unsafe things. The Sewer is a breeding ground for slime-themed demons and monsters that Death tolerate in his domain. The secret passage to the Crypt is guarded by the Sewer Hag.

The Crypt[edit | edit source]

The Crypt is Raga's intended destination and the final level of A Wizard's Lizard. A huge fortress built on top of the ruins of the world's former capital's citadel, it is a symbol of Death's power and hold over the world. Its halls are filled with a large variety of clever and deadly traps designed to pierce, crush, stab, and otherwise injure unwanted guests. Death's most powerful creations as well as demons from an abyssal cult that worship Death guard the Crypt. Death himself waits for the player in his throne room in the depths of this area, guarding the Wizard personally. Rescuing the Wizard will end the game.

Special Floors[edit | edit source]

The Wizard's Tower[edit | edit source]

The Wizard's Tower is the starting point upon starting a new game. As the Wizard's and Raga's home, it is a peaceful house-like area with no enemies. Its layout is a set one, with Raga sleeping in the wizard's study until the player moves him to the laboratory, where a cutscene showing Death kidnapping the Wizard happens. Afterward, the player will be given his starting weapon and sent to Amberfall, starting the game proper.

Amberfall[edit | edit source]

Amberfall is the main hub of the game and the starting area for all games after the first run. It contain the Museum, which keep track of the player's achievements, an unique shop where Blueprints can be used, and gates to each of the game's main areas. Shortcuts to the Sewer and Crypt require the player to defeat the Crystal-type mid-bosses before they can be accessed.

The Forest[edit | edit source]

The Forest is, as its name indicate, a maze of trees and vines that lies near Amberfall. Although it does not lead to the Crypt, the player may opt to make a side-trip and visit it for a chance for extra treasure and items. Its enemy line-up include an odd mix of weaker enemies and stronger ones, mixing simple Bats with Muck Monsters, for example. It is an extremely large area with an unique trap, the bear trap, which do massive damage when walked upon and is hard to see. Due to being extremely dark, the Forest demands that players find a way to overcome it through use of items. The Boss of the Forest is the Werewolf Ambush. The Forest is accessed by finding and destroying a cracked part of the wall, revealing a secret entrance. The Entrance is always found on the first floor of the Cemetery.

The Thieves Den[edit | edit source]

The Thieves Den is the hidden hideout of the thieves' guild and the headquarters of the wandering merchants. Although the merchants keep it secure from Death's troops and influence, its proximity to the Crypt, being located in the sewers of Death's capital, forced them to booby trap the area significantly to keep the undead at bay. As such, although there are no enemies to fight besides maybe specters, most of the rooms are layered with a large number of traps which must be navigated in specific ways to prevent taking damage. As the merchants' headquarters, it house a lot of them though they will demand higher prices than in other areas. The Boss of the Thieves Den is the Zombie Merchant. The player need a special key to open the entrance to this area, which is located in the Sewer.

Rooms[edit | edit source]

Uniquely Generated Rooms
Rooms Note
Chest.png Treasure Room You'll come across the treasure room randomly, filled with a variety of the same types of Treasure. Finding a Crown filled room is quite exciting.
Merchant.png Merchant There is always one Merchant, which sells 3 random items, and is himself kill-able (though he will obviously not go down without a fight).
Resurrection Room.png Wicca Room The Wicca Room is a place to change over from the land of Death to the land of the living. Just stand on the Wicca Symbol in the floor to activate. Each Wicca Room can only be used once, however.
Forest-Secret-Entrance.pngForest Entrance.png Secret Forest This is quite hard to find, as it's randomly generated on the walls of the first floor. You have to attack a section of the wall with a Club symbol instead of the regular 'lololol' of the wall fence, which breaks away to reveal the secret forest entrance. The entry is always on the first floor.
Dungeon Map.png Blueprint Room You'll find either next to the Boss Room or next to the end of the floor, a Blueprint room, where a Townsfolk is selling a random blueprint.
Zombie Warlord.png Boss Room Typically the last room you'll find, though if there is a split in directions you can come across it sooner. Be prepared, because bosses are formidable opponents.