Green Goblin

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Green Goblin
Green Goblin.png
Green Goblin
Attack Capabilities:
Fires dual daggers
Damage Output:
Long Range

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Green-skinned humanoids with no hair, pointy ears, red eyes, and wearing only a loincloth.

Background[edit | edit source]

Although most sapient species in the world have united to survive in the face of Death's reign, some of the old grudges remains. Among these is the green goblins' unwillingness to change their way of life, which is to live as nomads, surviving by pillaging, raiding, and otherwise parasiting the ressources of other civilizations. Due to this, green goblins are universally considered as untrustworthy pests. Adventurers and soldiers are given the permission to kill those beings without a warrant in self-defense. The green goblins, eager to live down to their reputation, never disputed this decision.

Rumors says that the green goblins are not extinct yet despite being universally despised because of the spread of a death cult among their civilization, which worships Death and allow them to buy his tolerance and thus assure their perpetuated existence. Those rumors, if true, might explain why the green goblins go to such lengths to antagonize villages and cities that would otherwise leave them alone by kidnapping far more people than they could use as slaves ; all of those kidnapped people are used as sacrifices to keep Death satisfied.

Regardless of the truth, green goblins are no-good bandits who will attack on sight almost any other sapient being they will see. Adventurers are reminded that they are allowed to kill them in self-defense ; as mentionned above, one's safety is paramount and the green goblins have not shown any signs of wishing to show anyone else anything else than pure, unjustified hostility.

Tactical analysis[edit | edit source]

Being sapient beings, green goblins are noticeably smarter than the average monsters and when they locate a victim, they will maneuver themselves as to put themselves into optimal range to hurl their weapon of choice, dual daggers, while staying out of the way of reprisals. All green goblins receive basic training as warriors and as such, can hurl those daggers while simultaneously dodging enemy attacks. Being living beings, they are also faster than the usual undead encountered on the road.

This make green goblins a noticeable threat to civilians and novice adventurers, who can easily be caught by the light spread of daggers they hurl. However, green goblins lack the training and experience of hardened adventurers and true soldiers and will not retreat or reposition themselves if they end up in a tactically inferior position, accepting hits from foes that a more skilled warrior would have dodged. Likewise, their skills are inferior to that of a soldier's by a large margin, meaning that they have to aim for a significant while before starting to attack. Despite what their skimpy clothing may imply, green goblins do not wear armor out of arrogance, not because they don't need it, and although they are more durable than your average undead creature, they are still much easier to kill than a common humanoid.

Although they are live creatures, the green goblins encountered in the Cemetary are part of a sect that worships Death and as such, are tolerated by the undead. Those goblins will thus often try to be clever by using screens of zombies or other lesser creatures as cover. Those goblins can be extremely dangerous though, thankfully, the poor quality of the iron used in their daggers means that their strikes will still be relatively survivable even to less armored adventurers.

Generally, an adventurer will want to isolate green goblins and take on them from a distance. Lacking knowledge of advanced tactics, they will charge to get in range even while being struck by long-range weapons such as the Hunter Spear and Arthur's Lance. Likewise, although their tactics of staying at optimal distance make them harder to deal with when using short-range weaponry, it also make easy for warriors with long-range weapons to simply step backward and let the goblins' dagger curved trajectory cause their projectiles to outright miss without having to make a proper evasive maneuver.

Green goblins are generally a priority target ; being sapient beings who will take the fight to any adventurer, they will be a threat as long as they live and use other foes as cover. Their low damage and weak grasp of tactics means that if the adventurer is facing Werewolves at the same time, the Werewolves should be eliminated first though.

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