Iron Sword

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Iron Sword
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Rate of Fire
2 per second

Appearance[edit | edit source]

A grey, straight-like medium sword with a large handguard.

History[edit | edit source]

The sword has always been a symbol of nobility and wealth, being relatively expensive to create and being a versatile weapon, fitting for both offense and defense. Though swords do happen to be a bit overrated, as their disadvantages tend to show very badly against many of the supernatural threats that exist in the world, they remain a popular and rather efficient choice for a weapon.

The discovery of Amberfall's metallurgy techniques, which allowed it to mass-produce inexpensive high-quality swords, has discouraged many of the swordsmiths in the land. Others have adapted by increasing the quality of their techniques and creating deluxe blades. The Iron Sword is one such model ; it is a custom blade, produced by a master swordsmith using a special iron alloy that is several times tougher and more resistant to rust than standart steel, giving the blade a sleek full metal look and allowing it to stay sharper longer. Compared to the Steel Sword, the Iron Sword cut deeper and its thinner blade allow it to be retracted from its target's body for repeated blows more easily.

Of course, this sword is much more expensive given its exotic materials and the old-school forging techniques used in its conception.

Tactical Analysis[edit | edit source]

Essentially a much higher quality version of the Steel Sword, the Iron Sword is a medium-range weapon benefitting from superior firepower. It can be thrown at the same rate of speed as the Steel Sword, which is relatively quickly, and benefit from the same range. It however share one drawback with the Steel Sword, being its slow flying speed. Due to its increased damage output, the Iron Sword is an even more versatile weapon that will not be made obsolete deeper into Death's domain, making short work of minor foes and remaining lethal enough to be viable against tougher enemies.

The Iron Sword excel in single combat, where its firing rate and increased damage make it very effective. Unlike the axe weapons, it does not need trick shots to be truly effective and thus require much less tactical maneuvering to fight enemies. The weapon will however falter against agile enemies who fight from a long range as its semi-long range is, like with the Steel Sword, nullified by its slow flying speed.