A Wizard's Lizard Wiki

There are various items throughout the game, all of which you can technically carry at the same time if found. Unlike Equipment, you can carry more than one. Items can be purchased from both the Shop or the Merchant.

These Items, when picked up, add a permanent effect to your character. They cannot be removed and are individually counted on the collection screen. Collectible items can be obtained in a variety of ways and most are unique in that, once appearing in game, they will never appear again during that session. However note that Items or Equipment (including fruit and gold) not picked up in the game won't disappear over time; meaning that Equipment dropped will remain where it was dropped until you pick it up or leave the floor. A dropped item can be left in its place to be collected at a later time.

Item List

Item Icon Use Description
Abacus Abacus.png Displays damage dealt, damage received, and health received. Displays numbers during combat.
Charm of Stamina Charm of Totemic Life.png Increases maximum health by 5. Increases maximum health.
Charm of Totemic Power Coming Soon ?? Increases totem power.
Charm of Magic Charm of Totemic Power.png ?? Increases soul power.
Charm of Offence Charm of Totemic Reach.png Increases damage dealt by 5 Increases damage.
Charm of Haste Charm of Totemic Haste.png Increases speed. Increases speed.
Dungeon Compass Dungeon Compass.png Shows Blueprint Rooms, Treasure Rooms and Merchant Rooms on the map. Reveals the locations of important rooms.
Feather of Flying Feather of Flying.png Disables ground traps such as spikes & allows you to travel over obstacles. Grants floating.
Dungeon Map Dungeon Map.png Reveals every room on the map. Reveals the dungeon layout.
Blood of the Cheetah Blood of the Cheetah.png By holding down SHIFT and then pressing A,W,S or D you will dash with 2x movement speed until you run into something. Allows its user to dash by holding SHIFT or the B BUTTON.
Key Key.png Bought from the merchant in The Sewers and is used to open chests around said merchant. Opens a lock.
Slime Key Slime Key.png Found in the Cemetery. Can be picked only while in ghost form (or by using the boomerang glitch). Can be used to open the Slime chest. Disturbingly, this key is always wet with slime.
Blood Key Blood Key.png Found in the Slime Chest, can be used to open the Blood Chest in The Crypt. Disturbingly, this key is always wet with blood.
Trickster Key Demon Key.png Dropped by the White Deminion when killed with Arthur's Lance. Used to rescue Moto in The Crypt. Tricksters are known to abduct werewolves.
Den Key Den Key.png Only obtainable by purchasing the blueprint in the forest. Opens the door to the Thieves Den in The Sewers. Not much is known about this mysterious item.
Ice Key Ice Key.png Unlocks the room with the Gelatinice Cube in The Crypt. Used to open gates of magical ice.