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Monsters is the general term used to define the various hostile creatures that inhabit the game's world. Though the term itself actually refer to supernatural beasts that exist outside of the natural order, it is commonly used to refer to enemies in general.

Monsters come in many diverse styles and forms, each with their own method of attack and strategies. Some are merely very large and dangerous wild animals, others are fierce monsters packing supernatural traits, yet others are evil sapients who prey upon their fellow sapients for their own selfish goals, others yet are demonic and undead abominations that serve Death. Regardless of who they are, they will seek to end the player character's life whenever encountered and must be defeated to progress, the doors of each room remaining locked until all of them have been destroyed.

Sometimes, a foe will drop a pick-up (usually a gold piece or a fruit) when destroyed. Many of the humanoid, living foes will become specters upon death.

Miscellaneous Monsters[edit | edit source]

These monsters may appear in any level.

Monster Icon Health Description
Shopkeeper 300
Mimic Mimic.png 80 Monster disguised as a treasure chest. Waits patiently for an unsuspecting adventurer to try and open it before attacking.
Small Skull Small Floating Skull.png 20-40 Small flying skull that leaves a fire trail. Only dangerous when dead.
Large Skull Big Floating Skull 2.png 60-80 Large flying skull. Only dangerous when dead.
Ghost 10 Ghost. Often spawns from killed humanoid monster. Only dangerous while dead.
Bone Pile Pile of Bones.png 105-120 Spawns ghosts. Only dangerous while dead.

Cemetery Monsters[edit | edit source]

Monster Icon Health Description
Angry Owl Angry Owl.png 20 Oversized, dangerous Birds that inhabit the cemetery. They rush when provoked.
Great Owl Great Owl.png 30 A bigger, meaner owl that is highly protective of its kin.
Bat Bat.png 15 A mean little monster of flight.
Dire Bat Dire Bat.png 30 A more sinister bat that breathes fire!
Werewolf Werewolf.png 60 Warriors who were cursed with the powers of the wolf.
Zombie Zombie.png 15 Unfortunate people who were cursed by magic that keeps them alive and makes them crave blood.
Green Goblin Green Goblin.png 50 Scavengers, pilferers, and kidnappers. Nasty little creatures.
Zombie Grave Robber Zombie Grave Robber.png 40 Grave Robbers who fell to the curse of the zombie. Sometimes still carries it's shovel...
Maneater Maneater.png 30 Man-eating plants that vomit the skulls of their devoured victims.
White Zombie White Zombie.png 50 An otherworldly zombie whose strange possessions are not of this universe.
Zombie Warlord Zombie Warlord.png 900 An evil warlord of old who was cursed as a zombie for his crimes against humanity.

Sewer Monsters[edit | edit source]

Monster Icon Health Description
Gelatinous Cube Gelatinous cube.png ~200 A blob of magical, poisonous goo that can hold mysterious treasures.
Slime Slime.png 30 A (semi) intelligent pile of blue glop, only dangerous when provoked.
Muck Monster Muck Monster.png 30 Enchanted puddles of ooze whose magic compels them to attack dungeon delvers.
Green Slime Green Slime.png 30 An evil slime monster that poison its victims.
Ioi Eye Ioi Eye.png 50-60 Gauged from its victims an then mutated with magic, these monsters shoot energy waves at their prey.
Face Hugger Face Hugger.png 15 Disturbing little creatures that are laid in sticky egg sacks.
Mutant Zombie Mutant Zombie.png 40 Zombie that have been strengthened with mutations.
Lurker Lurker.png 50 A dangerous fish man with territorial issues
Derper Derper.png 80-90 A mutated lurker that attacks anything in the sewer.
Slime Crystal Slime Crystal.png 500 A magical, malevolent crystal entity that has infected the town.
Sewer Hag Sewer Hag.png 900 An evil witch of great power that is very territorial of the sewer.

Crypt Monsters[edit | edit source]

Monster Icon Health Description
Gelatinice Cube Coming soon 400 A block of magical, freezing ice that can hold mysterious treasures.
Ice Monster Coming soon 25-40 Puddles of evil ice that bleed out of an Gelatinice Cube.
Cockatrice Cockatrice.png 30 A mythological flying monster with dangerous, icy breath. Occasionally drops a frozen banana upon death.
Lava Lurker Lava Monster White Background.png 80 Lurks in the lava.
Minotaur Minotaur.png 80 Huge beastmen with the heads of bulls.
Deminion Deminion.png 100 An evil creature from the abyss. Launches itself off of walls for additional speed.
White Deminion White Deminion.png 200-210 An albino deminion that holds hidden powers.
Maro's Statue Maros Statue.png 80 A tower-style monster which is inactive until hit, when it bounces towards the player to attack.
Ogre Ogre.png 80 Large, dumb monsters with axes that really just want to be left alone. Can be caught off guard...
Cyclops Cyclops.png 80 An ancient monster of the arena that hurls bouncing boulders at its prey.
Kobold Sapper Kobold Sapper.png Kobolds that blindly follow orders to destroy any adventurer exploring the crypt.
Fire Elemental Fire Elemental.png 80 Chaotic fire beings that love to burn anything that moves. (Not affected by freeze effects.)
Blood Crystal Blood Crystal.png 1000 A magical, malevolent entity made of crystallized blood that has infected the town.
Death Death.png Angel of light & dark that embody the concept of death. The wizard's kidnapper.