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The main protagonist of 'A Wizard's Lizard' and the titular wizard's lizard, Raga is the first character that will be available to the player upon starting a new game.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Raga looks like a black lizard, with short limbs and a big head. He stands upright and is covered in black scales, his eyes having a yellow color. He has a forked tongue, which is visible when he is attacking. He also wear a purple collar with a gold medal. While alive, Raga has a big smile on his face while walking and standing idly but will lose it if he dies and continue his journey as a ghost.

Background[edit | edit source]

Years ago, Sir Wizard encountered a lizard in the forest near the town of Amberfall, where his tower lies. Finding the lizard docile and tame, the wizard decided to adopt the lizard as his familiar and pet, naming him Raga. One day, during one of the wizard's experiments, he splattered an untested potion on him by mistake, altering his features to allow him to stand upright and giving him the necessary mouth structures to communicate. Thankfully, the transformation did not have any other side-effects and Raga continued his life peacefully, running the occasional errand, enjoying lazy afternoons, and generally being a typical familiar and pet... That is, until the time of the game's introduction. After Sir Wizard completed a new potion which would give immortality to the drinker, Death appeared before the pair and kidnapped the wizard, leaving Raga all alone.

Raga thus begun his journey toward Death's crypt in order to rescue his master.

Abilities and Traits[edit | edit source]

Healthpoints (Living): 50
Healthpoints (Dead): 50
Speed: 100%
Starting Weapon: Steel Sword
Starting Equipment: Light Totem
Starting Items: n/a

Analysis[edit | edit source]

Raga is tied with Luna for having the highest overall maximum health (100), and he is the only character to start with a totem. He also has another advantage, as a result of his design; being the smallest character in the game, his sprite fits his collision box much more exactly than with other characters, making dodging enemy projectiles easier.

His average health value while living may be seen as a disadvantage to some, and the fact that his starting weapon is the Steel Sword is a definite setback.