Realm of the Dead

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Ghosts - Undead Realm.png

Death is not the end in this action RPG. Once your protagonist has run out of HP in the Realm Of The Living you will get a second chance in the Realm of the Dead. Once you switch over to The Realm of the Dead, the game becomes brighter - items such as the Candle or the Lantern have little to no impact on the light around the protagonist in the Realm of the Dead - and the colours become bolder.

Character Living Form Ghost Form
Raga 75px-Raga.png
Wizard 75px-Wizard.png Undead Wizard.png
Luna 75px-Luna.png Undead Luna.png

Your character will change form and reappear as a ghost with a halo and the enemies you could previously see as harmless spectral forms from the Realm of the Living will now become dangerous. Ghosts, Piles of Bones, Small Flying Skulls, and Big Flying Skulls are only dangerous in the Realm of the Dead. These monsters are in addition to any other monsters that would have been within the room whilst in the Realm of the Living.

In the Wizard's Lizard, death is used as a game mechanism and you will need to use death and the Wicca Room to access all the areas and unlockables of the game. Barriers which were unpassable in living form may become accessible once dead. There is also an increased likelihood of obtaining Souls in the Realm of the Dead as enemies such as the Pile of Bones often drop Souls upon defeat. This can be useful when trying for the Soul Hoarder Achievement.