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In A Wizard's Lizard, the crypt and dungeon structure is randomly generated. However, there are some rules when it comes to the generation of a new Floor.

Common Rooms[edit | edit source]

The default type of room has no special symbol on the compass, and this type of room makes up the majority of the map. They can have up to four adjacent rooms, which can have any type, though most often there only will be one room. Most of the rooms will contain monsters to the current Room Level. Upon clearing a room, a player might be rewarded with a random pickup or chest that will be tucked away sometimes on the side of the room.

Aside from the generic monster rooms, there are also some notable types that are still somewhat different: They are mostly void of monsters, and for example present an object like a chest, or a game of chance in the center. As with every common room, it is possible for them to exist multiple times on the same level, since technically speaking they are no special kind of room.

  • A Shop Similar to the village, with more expensive prices, and a shop keeper which you can kill for all the items.