Steel Sword

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Steel Sword
Rate of Fire
2 per second

Appearance[edit | edit source]

A grey, diamond-like short sword with a brown handle and golden handguard.

History[edit | edit source]

Although less adapted to facing monsters who benefit from range and lacking the crushing power required to defeat the heavy armor and tough flesh of more powerful foes, the sword always was a popular weapon due to being a symbol of nobility and wealth ; a sword is more than a mere giant knife and require very specific forging techniques to be effective. Still, for what it lacks in range or power, swords offer a mix of offense and defense that make them more versatile than any other weapon.

In recent decades, studies of the old world's ruins by Amberfall adventurers has led to the rediscovery of special metallurgy techniques that allowed the city's blacksmith to mass-produce high-quality swords. Created through filling a special metal case with super-heated steel alloy, only the handle need to be properly forged, leading to the creation of a new line of high-quality, inexpensive versions of this previously difficult to create weapon.

Although scoffed at by some as being far inferior to the work of a true swordmsmith, Amberfall's Steel Sword has quickly taken the world by storm for its high quality for its low price, making it highly prized in this section of the world. If a weapon is to be in any soldier's hands, it is likely to be a Steel Sword.

Tactical Analysis[edit | edit source]

Being so inexpensive to create, the Steel Sword will be gifted to Raga at no cost and the Engineer will carry one by default. Being surprisingly lightweight given its high quality, it can be thrown relatively quickly. It will also fly relatively far, though it is not suited for long-range combat like the Hunter Spear, its flying speed being relatively slow. The weapon's big disadvantage lies in its lack of firepower ; being a mass-produced sword, it is lethal enough to cut through the hide of minor monsters but any foe with decent armor or excessive mass will absorb its blows without too much trouble. It is likewise too slow to use to take upon large crowds of foes.

Though this weapon can carry its user surprisingly far, any adventurer will eventually want to trade it for something better.