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The Forest is an optional level that can be accessed by destroying a section of the wall in one of the rooms on Cemetary 1. The section of wall to destroy is represented by a club in place of the circular or triangular patterns that make up the fencing surrounding the Cemetary Rooms. If you hit this section of wall then the entrance to The Forest will appear.

Location of Forest Entrance.png Entrance to Forest.png Forest on Map.png

There are no new Monsters within The Forest, instead level is populated with monsters from both the Cemetary Levels and the Sewer Levels, which can result in fighting Werewolves and Green Slimes in the same room.

Monster Icon Health Description
Mushroom Example Example Example
Maneater Maneater.png 30 Man-eating plants that vomit the skulls of their devoured victims.
Green Slime Green Slime.png 30 An evil slime monster that poison its victims.
Bat Bat.png 15 A mean little monster of flight.
Dire Bat Dire Bat.png 30 A more sinister bat that breathes fire!
Zombie Grave Robber Zombie Grave Robber.png 40 Grave Robbers who fell to the curse of the zombie. Sometimes still carries it's shovel...
Muck Monster Muck Monster.png 30 Enchanted puddles of ooze whose magic compels them to attack dungeon delvers.
Great Owl Great Owl.png 30 A bigger, meaner owl that is highly protective of its kin.
Werewolf Werewolf.png 60 Warriors who were cursed with the powers of the wolf.
Instead of a single boss, the protagonist must defeat a pack of Werewolves to complete The Forest level

The level (unsurprisingly) has a forest theme, with the breakables being represented by small trees and sees the addition of a new type of trap. The Bear Trap harms the protagonist if it is walked over.

The Bear Trap causes damage to the protagonist if it is stepped on

The final boss for The Forest is not a singular boss like other levels, instead it is the Werewolf Ambush, where the player is required to defeat multiple Werewolf monsters whilst also avoiding traps and other monsters.

The Forest is also where the Spade can be located - dropped by a Grave Robber - which can then be used to unlock a secret during the Sewer levels. The Spade is not a powerful weapon so it is often a better tactic to defeat the Werewolf Ambush using a stronger weapon and then return to pick up The Spade.

Grave Robber Spade.png