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The other titular character and Raga's master. Rescuing him is the main objective of the game and doing so ends the game.


A humanoid figure covered by an elaborate purple and gold robe, which covers all of his body with only his glowing eyes being visible.


An ex-adventurer who saw much of the world and spent his life studying the mysteries of the old world from before Death's takeover, Sir Wizard is a beloved figure of Amberfall, which he helped found, and is generally regarded as its benefactor, having put the town on the map by sharing the secrets of his discoveries with the townfolk and building a museum for both the inhabitants and visitors. Having seen the effects of Death's reign extensively both during his career and during his stay at Amberfall, Sir Wizard worked on an experimental potion which would make one immortal thus allowing humanity to break free of Death. This decision lead to the game's events as although he is successful in his experiments, Death learn of them and kidnap him to prevent him spreading the knowledge of his creation. He is presumably held and tortured in the Crypt by Death during the duration of the game.

Out of all the playable characters, the wizard's quest as a playable character is the only one that is not tied to the main narrative.


The Wizard is unlocked by beating the game once.

Abilities and traits[]

Healthpoints (Living): 30
Healthpoints (Dead): 30
Speed: 100%
Starting Weapon: Fire Staff
Starting Equipment: n/a
Starting Items: n/a


The Wizard has the lowest HP out of all the characters (in all forms), and has no starting equipment to make up for it. He does however start the game with the Fire Staff (and as such is the only character that can use it), which fires multiple projectiles, and deals fire damage. However, its short range, average damage, and the Wizards low HP still making him a rather weak character, in the grand scheme of things.


Any weapon the wizard used after having died once would have very low cooldown, and an increased projectile count (+2). (Fixed in v.2.0.11)