Zombie Warlord

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Zombie Warlord
Zombie Warlord.png
Attack Capabilities:
Flail attack, Summon zombies
Damage Output:
Slowing, extra damage to Undead

The Zombie Warlord is the boss of the Cemetery. You must beat him in order to proceed to the sewer.

The Fight[edit | edit source]

The arena consists of the Warlord starting out in the middle, surrounded by zombie-summoning patches and two ghost spawners. There are a few explosive barrels located through out the room, as well as some gravestones and four torches in the corners.
The Warlord fights by summoning zombies and hitting the player with a flail. There are three types of attack patterns the Warlord will use throughout an encounter:
After summoning zombies,

  1. he will the start spinning a flail around, while slowly moving around the room. The flail will increase in range until it reaches a peak, which it will stay at for a while, before slowly decreasing in range again. Once the flail has been pulled all the way back to the Zombie Warlord, he will summon zombies again.
  2. he will spin his flail in the same length for a period of time.
  3. he will walk towards the player for a while, then stands still and shoot his flail out towards the player.

Note that after summoning zombies three times, the patches will disappear, and will not be able to summon any more zombies. However, the warlord will continue to do the summoning animation after his flail attack without it doing anything, thus opening him up to attacks.